IMLAW Proposal


You need a beautiful, clean website. One that is clear, pleasing to the eye, highlights the professionalism of your staff, and doesn’t turn off millennial decision makers. You need timely and effective support when updates are needed. You need to capture the ‘ImLaw difference” so clearly espoused by the newspaper clippings on your wall.



You need a consistent social media presence that is coordinated and relevant for your field. As a law firm working largely business to business, you need platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter working in tandem to strengthen your brand and deepen your customers’ relationship with it.

Digital Assets

For your website and social you need visuals (both photo + video) regularly refreshed - clean, beautiful photos of yourself and your staff along with other content to serve your website and social media platforms. Unlike most firms who hire out their photo and video needs, our team at Glasswing has a proven track record of excellence in the area of Video and Photography. Here’s one example:

Calvin Retirement Video - (video produced by Steven Jones - photography by Jonathan Steigenga)

Whether it’s the creation of a website that will impress a 21st century clientele to the minutiae of social media strategy, we are committed to combining your goals, audience, and resources into an effective gameplan. A gameplan that will connect with your clients and separate you from the competition.
— Steve

Glasswing Delivered Product

1. Digital Marketing Refresh - $5000 (INCUBATOR PRICING)

- website overhaul

- social media plan (33% of business with social media have NO strategic plan)

- execution of plan for 3 months included

- photo assets and a 1 minute video or animation

2. Ongoing Maintenance - $300 - $700 per month (INCUBATOR PRICING)

- Depends on how many platforms we will oversee, starting with eg LinkedIn. We will guarantee a certain amount of posts each month.

- All plans will include quarterly coffee for analysis and review.

- Maintenance is operation/execution of social media platforms.

-A la cart video and photo options can be purchased if needed.

3. A la cart products include email campaigns, “Cause” marketing, and fundraiser coverage.

I’ll follow up in a week if I haven’t heard from you.

Until then,


Marketing does not equal information. It equals differentiation
— Bill Mckendry, Haven Creative